Random Thoughts

Feeling Lost

Despite all the work that I have done to find the peace that I deserve, I do find myself feeling lost in the process of growing into the new me. This new me that is supposed to emerge from being in tune with my emotions and acting with my wise mind instead of acting on …

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Forgetting to Think

One of the biggest problems that I have even after all the work I have done on getting better is speaking without thinking.  It constantly gets me into trouble and has me saying things that I either don’t mean, or I don’t forsee the consequences of what I am saying and how those words hurt …

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Man Flu vs Mental Illness

Yesterday was #BellLetsTalk Day here in Canada, a day when the stigma around mental illness is temporarily removed and people are truly able to express, share and communicate about their challenges with and struggles surrounding their mental health.  It is a good thing…but for me yesterday was more than just about being able to share …

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