i am krispy is a blog about one guy’s journey through the mental health care system in Canada both “pre” and “post” diagnosis with B.P.D. (Borderline Personality Disorder).

Krispy is just a guy.

A father, a geek and an otherwise pretty great guy…except for when the urges and impulses take over.  These challenges also now include a battle with addiction…one that I not hiding from anymore.

This blog will hopefully help others who are struggling with trying to find the solace that comes from both the knowledge that they are not alone, and in the fact that there is help out there…if you look and ask.

Within the posts pages and images…krispy will not pull punches, will not hold back and will be as honest as he was when he walked into the doctor for the first time in September 2016 and was completely honest (for the first time ever)…not hiding behind the fear of knowing what was wrong with him.  These posts will also dive into the path of recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous.

This site will be dedicated to a great man who passed on before any of us were ready to see him go.  His challenges proved to be too much for him, and in his strength, krispy challenges all of us to have more understanding for those around us who end up suffering in silence.

To those that read this, thank you.  the stigma around BPD and Mental Illness is unfounded.  Those of us who suffer, can function in society.  Those who have no voice need to find the way to build the bridge to those who just don’t know what we are going through each and every day.  This blog is also for the loved ones of those who are suffering…they need you more now than ever and while it may be tough, your support does mean the difference between life and death!

Krispy will have good days, and he will have bad days…but with time, assistance and understanding…the good days will hopefully out number the bad.

Thank you for coming along for the ride!


i am krispy