When Today is Just Enough

I have to say, the past few weeks have been a unique challenge for me.  I find myself constantly challenging myself to remain grounded and in the moment but there are many, many times that I drift into some very dark thoughts.

I commute 40 minutes to work each day and that gives me a lot of time to have thoughts wander into my mind…some of them not so good.

While I have no intention of acting on these thoughts (mainly because of the DBT techniques) I find that I have to acknowledge that the thoughts of how easy it would be to not exist and then, as I centre myself and bring my thoughts back into line I realize that today…this moment…this second is just enough to keep going.

It is not because I have so much to live for or that I have a deeply connected network of friends and family to support me or even a life partner that makes it all worth while.

No I choose to live because today is just enough.

I am stronger than the urges and feelings that I experience.  I am more than the sum of my experiences.  Today is enough, because that is all that I have.

It is just enough to keep me going, in that moment.  It is just enough to make me experience the things that are around me.

Today is all that I have, and that for me is enough.