Once Upon a Time…

Every great story of my youth began with the simple terms…Once Upon a Time.  Now as I have grown that is no longer the case.  It was a simpler time when we could be taken away to a different world and a different time with just 4 words.

As I sit here writing this post, I have the TV on to my left, Spotify playing on a second screen, Air Droid connected to my phone and then on this screen I am typing away.  Simple has gone away from our lives.  We seem to strive to over complicate everything…all to make our lives easier.

I miss the times when sitting down to read a book was all I needed to find that happy place inside of myself.  I long for the times that I could de-stress by taking a walk along the trail in my local park and look to the river for examples of the simplicity of life.  I dream of the days when I would go out with my friends on an adventure that would start at dawn and end at dusk.

Who was the one who put technology into my hands and told me it would make your life easier.  I spent much of today fighting with this very computer after a mishap had it not want to start anymore.  My every day now seems to be one battle or another to try and coral the bits and bytes of our digital life into some workable format that makes someone else’s life easier…but all of it just seems to create more chaos for me.

I wonder if I could actually just disconnect.

What would my life be with out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the myriad of other social networks?  Would I have any source of entertainment if 1,000 of useless television channels were not at my disposal?  Could I actually fall asleep without the “Anxiety App” running on my phone?

Some time ago, I made an attempt to live without Google for 1 month…I failed miserably at that little exercise but could I actually disconnect from this grand metroplex of digital information…for even a week?  Would my life be any easier?  Would I be able to find the innocence that I once enjoyed?

I don’t think that my life today needs to be an extreme of anything though…I see things for the shades of grey and for that I am grateful.  I will take the time to grab a book off my shelf and actually read it in the next little while.

I will decide to log out of the computer and the phone and the tablet and all the other ways that I have collected to allow myself to truly breath.

To enjoy my life that I am choosing to live.  And so I begin my life again.

Once upon a time, there was a man…