Finding Joy…

There is something to be said about stopping to smell the roses in life.

For a very long time, as my mind was trapped in its never ending planning stages only to be purged by the inevitable disappointment when the plan did not work out perfectly…I lost sight of the true wonder that is well just being.

I didn’t see it in my friendships.  I certainly didn’t see it in my relationships or even with family members.

I have taken a lot of time to really reflect on who I was.

I believe this is an important step to building myself into the me that I will be moving forward.

I suffer from a disease.

Actually, I suffer from several.  Some you can see the visible scars while others I carry around with me like a dark passenger.

It is tough to not act on every thought.

It is really tough to just live…experience and find peace.

The changes that have happened to me in the past couple of months have brought to light a new reality for me…

Joy is something that is to be celebrated.  Even when it is only found in a fleeting moment.

Like today, while on a walk with the one person who truly gets me right now…the falling leaves, cool temperatures and the gentle act of being together brought about a kind of Joy that I don’t think I could have recognized before.

Find your joy.  Hold on to it for that moment that it is with you and then, like a leaf in the wind, let it go…for it will travel to the next person in need of a smile, a hug or a connection.