When Love is More than a Word

This journey that I am on has proven to be far more difficult than I ever could have anticipated.  You see, part of what I am today is because of a deep rooted love that I have for the greatest woman I have ever met.  Before this latest chapter was opened, we were to be married.  We were planning to make a real future together…and then our worlds came crashing down around us.

In starting this strangely familiar path, we hit a massive reset button on our relationship but this reset button did not change how we feel…but it did change how we express it.

Focusing on living in the moment and cherishing every thing we do together has proven to be a true expression of the word that we have agreed not to say even though we both know that is what we feel.

The English language has so many different ways to say the same thing, and we have taken a note from my DBT training to take the time to express our feelings in as many different ways, with out saying “I Love You”.

As our relationship rekindles, we share different words that start with A, then B, then C, then D.  When we reach L…together…we may say it…but not until we are there.

We have been together now for 15 months…and even now that we do not share a home together…we share what seems like every waking moment together and I Appreciate the moments that we have together, I Adore the way the light twinkles in her eyes, I feel Attached to her in ways I never knew were possible.

I Believe in all that she can be, find strength in her inner and outer Beauty, I feel the Bond between us growing stronger every day.

The moments we have I truly Cherish, I Cling to her every breath and enjoy the way that she Cheers me on in all that I do.

I am Devoted to her and to the path we are taking, I Desire her in ways that I didn’t think were possible and Dance to the silent music that is our life together.

Can we make this happen, in spite of my diagnosis…I know now that I am more than the illness that has put me on my past path…my future is mine to be written and I will not allow myself to be controlled by what I was…only what I am and that is so refreshing.

We suffer from many challenges but together, there is no storm great enough to separate us.  We are stronger together than we ever could be apart.

We are our Future and for that I am thankful!