Combating the Emptiness


One of the biggest challenges that I face on a daily basis is the feeling of emptiness that I feel.  It doesn’t matter what am doing (professionally, personally, emotionally or physically), I can’t help but feel that there is this empty pit that never seems to get filled. I have had this feeling for many, […]

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 What Do I Do Next?


Life is filled with many cross roads.  There comes a time when all things that exist must make a choice…to exist or to cease to exist. Each day I wake up and make a choice to exist.  To move on.  To live.  To thrive.  Most days I don’t second guess this choice but then there […]

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 Reflection, Repose and Release


My life has been more than a little chaotic lately but a recent experience is one that I absolutely must share. My time in therapy has tought me that my emotions are not only to be listened to; but embraced, encouraged and enveloped.  This new found realization has led me to see things for the […]

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 Much has happened…and I am OK


The past couple of weeks have been more than a little challenging.  I have experienced extreme loss, overwhelming joy and all the ups and downs and sideways turns that in the past would have sent me spiraling out of control into fits of anger, rage and self destruction. The loss of my mother on November […]

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